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Video by Grabriel Barnes and Alex Osborne, Frome Community College students

BBC Somerset's Emmma Britton interviews Mark Vose

Just two miles outside of Frome town centre lies the start of a virtually traffic free cycle route that takes cyclists and pedestrians to Radstock and then on to Bath. For a long time plans have been in place to continue this route alongside the existing railway line, onto the riverside footpath and into Frome.
2135 people have now signed the petition to show support.
The start of the cycle path at Great Elm
The time has come to complete this route into the centre of the town with all the benefits this will bring...
Safety With inceasingly busy local roads people are nervous about cycling alongside moving traffic. This project would provide a traffic free environment with manageable gradients and safe crossing over busy main roads. The route will provide a safer footpath alternative to crossing the railway and road on the way out to Spring Gardens.
The health benefits of regular exercise are well known. In these days of increasing obesity we need to provide opportunities for the local population to gain easy access to safe and pleasant environments for exercise. The whole population will be able to use this, nearly level access to a network of quiet lanes and villages, for healthy walks, family cycles, dog walking, jogging and other forms of exercise. Health
Sustainability Frome is a town that promotes sustainability and this route provides a safe way for those who cycle to work and an alternative to the car for local people to access the surrounding countryside. Day to day maintenance is by volunteers and so there would be no increase in public expenditure.
This proposal will connect Frome to a largely traffic free, easy gradient, network of Sustrans cycle paths leading to and from Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Bradford on Avon, Bath and Bristol thereby increasing the number of tourists coming to Frome for day trips or longer. With the Two Tunnels connection to Bath now open, the cycling distance between Bristol or Bath and Frome has been reduced significantly. Business
We need to demonstrate overwhelming support to turn this project into reality.
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